Attendee Presentations

Bain, RobSide EventWater supply: addressing safety and intermittency
Young-Rojanschi, CandicePosterEvaluating the effectiveness of WASH training
Young-Rojanschi, CandiceVerbalMeasuring and reporting the performance of capacity-building organizations in WASH
Villeminot, NicolasSide EventWASH and Undernutrition: Practical integration in programming
Benami, MayaPosterThe Question of Pathogen Quantification in Disinfected Greywater
Davis, SusanSide EventGuidelines for Resolution of Problems with Water Systems
McKinlay, BlakePosterThe Many Benefits of Markets
Pollock, AnnaVerbalOutcome-based M&E: Using the Water Service Level Ladder Framework in the MWA Latin America Program, 'Water Links' or 'Lazos de Agua'
Steinmann, PeterVerbalWomen, WASH and Health in Rural Pune: Identifying Stress and Unmet Needs
Subbaraman, RamnathPosterThe construct validity of a novel method for quantifying water consumption in slum settlements in Mumbai, India
Christenson, ElizabethPosterExamining the influence of urban definition when assessing relative safety of drinking-water in Nigeria
Christenson, ElizabethVerbalExamining the influence of urban definition when assessing relative safety of drinking-water in Nigeria
Nizame, Fosiul AlamVerbalObserved practices and perceived advantages of different hand cleansing agents in rural Bangladesh: Ash, soil and soap
Debashish, BiswasPosterModel handwashing station vs. self-made handwashing station: Effect on desired handwashing behavior
Oluwasanya, GraceVerbalBetter Safe than Sorry: Transfer-ability of lessons from success stories: A review of UK water safety plans implementation
Rahman, MahbuburVerbalMeasuring intervention fidelity to assess implementation gaps in a sanitation intervention component of a randomized controlled trial
Coffey, DianeVerbalConfronting the challenge: culture & sanitation behavior in rural north India
Coffey, DianePosterSanitation externalities, disease and children's anemia
Keesiga, DianePosterMetered Hand-pumps: Privately Operated Hand Pumps as a Way to Improve Sustainability & Service Delivery
Ho, JeffPosterProbing the impacts of climate change on household water supply in Mozambique
MacDonald, LauraPosterHousehold Water Treatment & Safe Storage: Knowledge Development & Diffusion in the Scientific Literature
Rand, Emily ChristensenPosterChild Feces Disposal Practices in 24 countries
Perez, EduardoKeynoteSanitation: Are Countries and Development Partners Ready To Achieve The Future We Have Defined?
WSP. UNICEF, and USAID/WASHplus ProjectSide EventWhat to do with Infant Poo?: Evidence-based Programming to support safe disposal of young children’s feces
Brewer, TimothyPosterHow did E. Asian Tigers Provide Sanitation Access So Quickly?
Drabble, SamSide EventCapacity, Drive, Incentives: engaging the private sector with urban sanitation
Godfrey, SamuelKeynoteFit for Purpose: water and sanitation in an urbanising Africa
Godfrey, SamuelSide EventWASH Package for Ebola Care and Treatment Centres/Units
Torondel, BelenVerbalLaboratory development and field testing of sentinel toys to assess environmental faecal exposure of young children
Sultana, FarhanaVerbalAcceptability of using and paying for shared water points and a passive water chlorination device among low-income urban communities of Dhaka
Rosinger, AsherPosterPredictors and Health Outcomes of Water Insecurity After a Flood Among an Indigenous Population in the Bolivian Amazon
Teague, JordanVerbalWASH & Nutrition: Successes, Challenges, and Implications for Integration
Saxena, ShrayPosterDewatering and Drying of Sanitary Wastes by Novel Use of a Breathable Membrane Process
Geere, Jo-AnnePosterPersonal history of water carriage is associated with self-reported pain location and ratings of general health
Murray, AnnaVerbalFouling in hollow fiber membrane microfilters used for household water treatment
Du, JunyiPosterDevelopment of low-cost and effective sorbents for drinking-water fluoride mitigation in the Rift Valley of Ethiopia
Wagoner, KairaPosterCeramic Pot Filters: Weapons of Mass Bacterial Destruction
Sclar, Gloria D.VerbalThe Current Scope of Sanitation Plans & Design
Kennedy, RachaelPosterThe science behind water-oriented leadership programs: How this can effect WaSH post-2015 policy
Pories, LesleyVerbalGood Local Governance in the WASH Sector
Pories, LesleyPosterBringing water to tribal communities: Adhikar and
Smith, DanielVerbalService Levels Provided by Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Multiple Water Sources: A Case Study from Nicaragua
Cunliffe, KatherinePosterSustained Presence and Utilization of the Arborloo in Rural Ethiopia
Chase, ClaireVerbalRural Sanitation Integration with Pantawid Pamilya Conditional Cash Transfer Program Philippines
Chase, ClaireVerbalA study of drivers for latrine take-up in rural Cambodia: Analysis from two sanitation marketing programs
Feighery, JohnSide EventMonitoring and evaluation of WASH in partnership with local communities with a free software model
Karp, AndyPosterPrioritization of Water Quality Indicators: The Millennium Water Alliance Experience In Ethiopia
Dreibelbis, RobertPosterSustainability and functionality of water systems in Millennium Water Alliance program areas
Sparker, SarahVerbalIntegrating Water Resources and Demand to Improve Drought Resilience and Build Water Strategies: a Pilot Approach in Kenya’s Arid Lands
Armstrong, AndrewPosterHave you updated the pump?: Experiences in monitoring and improving rural safe water services with an online management platform
Zimmer, Simon; MWA; and FEMSASide EventMEL Framework: MWA – Lazos de Agua Program
Sonego, InaVerbalSpot-checks to measure general hygiene practice
Barrington, Dani J.PosterEmbedding a Capability Approach within Sanitation Marketing
Reimers, MarkVerbalSustainability in Rainwater Harvest Projects through Monitoring and Action Plans
Neal, DavidSide EventHandwashing and the Science of Habit
Fuller, JamesVerbalA Mathematical Model of Herd Protection from Sanitation
Lemma, TeshomePosterLife cycle assessments of materials for fluoride removal from drinking water in East Africa
Hussain, Muhammad FaruqePosterMonitoring a complex latrine intervention to improve program delivery and increase acceptance in rural communities in Bangladesh
Patrick, MollyVerbalAssessment of Private Sector Water Kiosks in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Rosenfeld, JasonPosterA Case Study Evaluation of Community Health Clubs in Port au Prince, Haiti
Mokos, JenniferPoster'I'm the Cleanest Hobo I know': the Work of Hygiene and Pollution in the Restoration of Riverbottom Homeless Encampments
Patkar, ArchanaVerbalMenstrual Hygiene Management: the Red Thread in Policy and Practice
Bellamy, MikeVerbalConditions for Making Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) for Water Treatment in a Developing Country While Avoiding Inorganic Disinfection By-Products
Mng'ong'o, FrankPosterImpact and acceptability of using Moringa oleifera seeds and hand washing with soap to improve household drinking water and diarrhoea incidence in poor rural Tanzania
Roumis, DanaeVerbalDrivers of water insecurity for urban households in Tanzania: water supply, quality, and access to piped water
Roumis, DanaePosterDeterminants of water use among urban households in Tanzania: water source access, use, and treatment
Devine, JacquelineVerbalFostering the Handwashing With Soap Habit: Experiences from the HWWS Project and Scaling Up Rural Sanitation Program
Devine, JacquelineVerbalFactors associated with latrine use and ownership among rural populations: Findings from a desk review and analysis of multi- country formative research studies
Voigt, LindsayPosterManaging Small Children's Sanitation: Formative Research from Cambodia
Voigt, LindsayPosterTransforming Sanitation Coverage: Civic Champions Inspire Sustained Change
Voigt, LindsayVerbalCivic Champions: Inspiring Sustainable Change in Cambodia
Tumwebaze, Innocent KamaraVerbalEffects of interventions aimed at improving cleaning behaviour of privately shared toilet users in Kampala Slums, Uganda
Kearns, JoshuaVerbalTrace organic contaminant removal from drinking water using local char
Huynh, AiVerbalHappyTap: Aspirational handwashing device commercialization in Vietnam
Wilbur, JanePosterUndoing Inequity research: WASH programmes that deliver for all
Alam, Mahbub-UlPosterMenstrual hygiene management knowledge, facilities, and practices associated with school absence among Bangladeshi adolescent girls
Sultana, FarhanaVerbalEffectiveness of mass media campaigns in changing Water, Sanitation and Hygiene related health behavior in rural Bangladesh
Tanner, WindyVerbalCarbapenem-Resistant Bacteria in Drinking Water: Method Development and Field Testing in New Delhi, India
Hossain, Mohammad M.; Mosler, Hans-JoachimPosterPreferences of arsenic mitigation options in Bangladesh: Stakeholder and end user perspectives
Akers, BradVerbalLead (Pb) contamination of pitcher pump systems in coastal Madagascar: Implications for sustainable self-supply
Slaymaker, TomVerbalWASH POST-2015 proposed targets and indicators for drinking water, sanitation and hygiene
Medlicott, KateVerbalSanitation: following the excreta
Ram, PavaniSide EventHandwashing in the post-2015 era: the equity case and the measurement challenge
Ram, PavaniKeynoteHandwashing: 'it's such an easy thing to do...'
Johnston, RickVerbalDisparities in access: renewed focus on the underserved
Johnston, RickVerbalWater, sanitation and hygiene in health care facilities
Johnston, RickVerbalWater Quality Module of the Ghana Living Standards Survey (GLSS) VI: Monitoring Household Drinking Water Quality through a Country Survey
Antwi-Agyei, PrinceVerbalA risk assessment for the use of wastewater in agriculture in Accra, Ghana
Sherlock, PaulKeynoteHumanitarian Response: History, Process and Innovation
Jacqueline MacDonald GibsonVerbalWater and Sewer Disparities in North Carolina: Public Health Implications