Plenary Presentations

Keynote Address Delivered by Jennifer Sara – October 14, 2014

Jennifer Sara

Jennifer Sara, a US national, is the Director for the World Bank Group’s Water Global Practice. She takes on this new role following her positions as Sector Manager for Sustainable Development for Vietnam. She joined the Bank as a Research Analyst for the Water and Sanitation Program in 1989. Jennifer has spent 13 years in the field, including assignments in Brazil, Bolivia and Vietnam. Other positions she has held include Lead Infrastructure Specialist in Latin America & the Caribbean, Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist in Africa and Water and Sanitation Specialist for WSP.

Jennifer has worked to ensure an integrated approach across all water-related projects, customizing the Bank’s global water strategy to the country dialogue, and providing policy advice and operational support in response to specific client needs.

Jennifer holds an MSc in Environmental Management from the University of London, Wye College, and a BSc in Environmental Engineering from Brown University.

Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Addressing Inequalities in Access to WaSH – October 16, 2014

The purpose of the panel discussion is to engage panelists and the audience in a conversation focused on developing an understanding of whether or not we are indeed reducing inequalities in access to WaSH. Our panel will consist of national level decision-makers, international and local observers, and donors who will discuss what the current data suggests, what types of issues need to be overcome to make programs successful, whether there’s commitment at all levels of society to reduce inequalities as well as a multitude of related questions. For more information and for a list of the panelists, please see the session flyer.

Rick Johnston

Technical Officer – Joint Monitoring Programme at WHO

Global Monitoring of Inequalities

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Clarissa Brocklehurst

Adjunct Professor, UNC – Chapel Hill

The 2014 Sanitation and Water for All High Level Meeting: What does it tell us about how developing countries are tackling inequalities?

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